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Brief Description

GiAPA is an Application Performance Analysis and Operations Support Tool collecting comprehensive resource usage information 24/7 for all jobs every 15 seconds using less than 0.1 % CPU. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the automatic analysis of the data, obviating the need for expensive external consultants, and the resulting data base permits generation of a large number of standard and user defined reports and charts.

For precise identification of what triggers performance inefficiencies additional data is necessary besides the CPU, I/Os, etc. collected for statistical purposes. For CPU intensive jobs GiAPA automatically retrieves program call stack and file usage data. The resulting data base is useful for much more than program optimization.


require high-level information on how IT resources are used, ideally depicted by charts providing full overviews "at a glance".

This is exactly what GiAPA's extensive graphical features were designed to deliver. The possibilities include "Good morning reports", usage or trend analysis per LPAR, department, application, etc.

Even user defined graphics are available e.g: is an increased resource usage by application XYZ justified by a corresponding growth in number of transactions?


is responsible for monitoring the everyday use of server resources. Some of the great GiAPA features appreciated by operators include:
  - find the reason for performance problems even after they occur
  - spot any misuse of machine resources
  - react immediately if a job starts looping
  - check who is running which queries, when and for how long
  - obtain statistics for any resource usage based on user, application, etc.
  - compare workloads, e.g. before/after diagrams when new program versions are installed

Development and Programming

can with GiAPA on board produce more efficient program code by running a performance quality control of new programs before they are moved to production. GiAPA turns programmers into "Performance Experts" by pinpointing exactly where resources are being used, down to source statement line number.

GiAPA’s popular and unique "Triple A" feature, the Automatic Application Analysis of programs and of file access, often reveals significant optimization potential even for jobs assumed to run efficiently.